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Todd Barnhardt




Food: Tiramisu
Guilty Pleasure: Junk food
Vacation Spot: Anywhere near water and not too cold.
Hobby: Golf and cars
Role Model: My mom
Sport: Racing cars and go-karts
TV Show: UFC

I am a proud Davie County native and happy to be working in and supporting the same community that has given me so much over the last 50 years. After an impressive run as starting wide receiver at Davie High, I was somehow overlooked by every university and ended up graduating from NC State (Go Wolfpack!) on academics alone, majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Economics.

I started my professional career at Wachovia Bank, which later led me to a Branch Manager position for Quick & Riley Investments. After working for corporate America most of my professional life I wanted to be in control of how I interacted with my customers and to run a business the way I felt best reflected my values.

In 2005 I purchased an Allstate Insurance Agency in Lewisville NC, and became a small business owner with the goal of reinventing the way we sell insurance and how customers perceive doing business with their agents. Our focus was always on the customer and we were awarded North Carolina Agency of the Year in 2007.

With the goal in mind to give the customer the best choice at the most competitive price, I co-founded IIGNC Insurance in 2015.

I have a wonderful wife of 24 years and two sons. I enjoy cars, Saturday nights at Bowman Gray and Wolfpack sports…… when they win.